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Golden Lion Inn, Llandyrnog, North Wales

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Name of Supporters Club                            Vale of Clwyd RSC                                                                

Name Of Bar                                                Golden Lion Inn (Goldie)                                     

Address                                                          Llandyrnog Village, North Wales, LL16 4HG                                    

Year Formed                                                   2012                                    

Number Of Members                                     22                                  

Any FamousMembers                                    N/A                                 

Website                                                            Facebook - Golden Llandyrnog, Twitter @Goldie_Dyrny                                  

Do You Have Live TV Coverage                   Yes, every game shown on 7 HD Screens & 7.5ft Screen, all in surround sound                                  

How Often Do You Visit Ibrox                        6 Times a year                                 

Travel Arrangements (If Applicable)              Contact for details                                 

Do You Travel To Europe                               If we had a chance !                                 

Contact Telephone Number                            07972 906057                                 

Club Merchandise Available                           Yes, Polo Shirts & Hoodies                               

What Is Your Club Motto                                 Dilynwych  Dilynwych (Follow Follow in Welsh)